Hosting NEUAL Events

Information on hosting NEUAL league matches, Novice and Indoor Championships, and Outdoor Championships.

Hosting a match

Each club is expected to host at least one match each year (though with 14 teams, and 20 matches, some will have to host twice).

A match requires at least 10 spaces for each competing club. This works out for most matches to be 40 spaces, requiring 10 bosses for 2 details, or 7 if 3 details are used. The more spaces that are available, the better, but these must be made available to all clubs equally (if a club does not use its allocation this should be spread amongst the remaining clubs).

Typically, a 2 detail session will finish in 3 hours, a 3 detail can take 4 hours. You will need to allow for the time taken to set-up and breakdown the range too.

The hall must be safe for shooting in, and provide enough space for the attending archers and bows behind the shooting line. A back stop net and sufficient bosses and stands will be needed. The bosses should be capable of holding targets within the specifications provided in the Archery GB Rules of Shooting. The hall should be booked for sufficient time to allow the match to be completed without having to rush.

While NEUAL accepts that not all clubs have access to facilities to allow them to host, there are ways to enable hosting to occur. Some local clubs will allow you to borrow their facilities for the match, or another university may allow you to use theirs, while you still do the organisation.

Hosting process

The NEUAL Calendar should be available prior to the start of the autumn term, with the attendees at each match listed. The first named club is expected to host on one of the dates set for the match.

Initially, the host should investigate when/where they can host the match, and let the other clubs know what dates are possible. If the other clubs express a desire for a specific date, the host should accept this, and book facilities accordingly. (Obviously, if there is only one date the host can manage, this should be booked straight away.)

The date, time, venue and capacity should be confirmed at least 3 weeks prior to the match, and the NEUAL committee informed. (This gives adequate time for the planning of trovel, and, where there are problems, for these to be sorted out prior to the expected date.) It is not acceptable for the match date to be set outside of those in the calendar, as this will probably interfere with the dates of other matches.

Approximately one week prior to the match, the host should request the details of the attending archers. The visitors should provide this in sufficient time to allow the hosts to prepare the target list and score sheets. Examples of both are available.

On the day, the competition is run by the host, with the team captains (or their nominated deputies) acting as the judges. After the shoot, the results should be collated and announced. This may sound a lot of work, but don't forgot - Archery is Fun!

After everyone has gone home, the results will need to be submitted to NEUAL, in the set format, within 3 days of the competition.

What if it all goes wrong?

Contact the committee - and they will do their best to help, and come to a satisfactory conclusion. Yes, there are penalties set out if you don't meet your obligations as a host, but these are unlikely to be enforced if you keep in contact, and are helpful in sorting things out.