NEUAL Information

NEUAL, the North of England Universities Archery League, provides a number of archery competitions for eligible students in the northern region of England. Our reach roughly follows that of the Northern Counties Archery Society, covering the counties of Cheshire, Cumbria, Durham, Lancashire, Northumberland and Yorkshire.


NEUAL offers two types of competition: a league, and a series of championships.

The league offers university clubs the opportunity to compete against other clubs within NEUAL, providing competition experience for archers of all qualities. With an all-play-all format (in multi-team matches hosted by the clubs), the league is decided over the indoor season, starting in November, and running through till Easter.

NEUAL offers 3 championships each year: the Novice, Indoor, and Outdoors.

The Novice Championships are held in late November / early December. These are held indoors, usually at one of the member universities, and are open to novices only.

The Indoor Championships are held in late February / early March, and are usually the culmination of the indoor season. As their name suggests, these are also held inside, and are open to any student.

The Outdoor Championships are held in May, and are the only competition that NEUAL offers in the great outdoors. All eligible archers are welcome to take part. Traditionally the Outdoors has been hosted at one of the universities, but following the awarding of Record Status, this may have to change. The competition is timed to allow archers to use the shoot to qualify for the BUCS outdoors that are held in mid-June.


Clubs are eligible to join NEUAL provided that they meet the following criteria: They are an archery club at a northern university. They are affiliated to their sports Union. They are affiliated to Archery GB, and their county and regional associations.

A student is eligible to take part in NEUAL provided they meet the following criteria (a student does not need to be a member of club that is part of NEUAL to take part in the Championships): They are a matriculated student at a northern university. Their course is at least 50% of a full time course (60 credits per year). They are affiliated to Archery GB, and their county and regional associations.

A student who started shooting in the current academic year, and has done no more than an occasional have-a-go session prior to this, will be eligible to cempete within NEUAL as a novice.


In the first instance, anybody interested in joining NEUAL should contact one of the committee (see contacts for details of how to do this).

Individual students will be welcome to participate in the Championships. Clubs will be invited to join the league when the committee is satisfied they are capable of meeting the responsilities membership places upon them.